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Build Your Credit While Saving for the Future

Do you want to…

If you answered yes, the Climb Accelerator Plan might be right for you.

How It Works

Transparent, effective and designed for Canadians.

1. Set a Savings Goal
and Timeline

For instance: “I want to save towards a new car purchase in two years”.

2. Make Payments
(aka Save Money!)

Preauthorized payments make it easy to stay on track. The money you pay is saved for you in a secure account.

3. Benefit from a Positive Payment History

While you’re saving, we report your positive payment history to TransUnion and Equifax, which is designed to improve your credit rating. It’s win-win!

4. Get Your Saved Money Back

At the end of the term, you’ll get your equity back. You can use it for whatever you choose!

Get the benefit of an installment loan on your credit report without taking on new debt with the Climb Accelerator Plan. Anyone is eligible who wants to build their credit.

Get Started

Think our Climb Accelerator Plan might be right for you? The first step is to book a free credit consultation with one of our friendly credit experts. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be under no obligations or pressure.

What Our Customers Say

Our Rates Are Unheard Of

We’re a different kind of company. We believe in fair value, transparency and trust.

With the Climb Accelerator Plan, you’ll only pay:

No hidden fees. No surprises.
A 60-day no-risk guarantee.

The Not-So Fine Print

You have questions, we have answers!

No one can provide a guarantee when it comes to credit ratings, but so far, 58% of customers with a similar product were able to bring their score up by more than 50 points and 18.5% were able to bring their score above 600 when they kept their account in good standing.

The interest fees you pay cover the costs of reporting your payments on a monthly basis to TransUnion and Equifax. The one-time set-up fee covers the costs of creating your account.

Your money is saved in a federally regulated account  that is designed for holding money and does not accumulate interest. 

You can check your balance at any time by emailing us at

Of course! Your money is your money. We offer a complete, 60-day no-risk guarantee to offer you peace of mind. If you wish to cancel after 60 days, you just pay the set-up fee. We will then mark your account as closed in good standing with the credit bureaus.

We want to do everything we can to help you avoid missed payments (and their nasty NSF fees). We offer automated payment reminders and will happily reschedule a payment within the same payment period to make sure we have a positive payment to report. However, if you miss a payment and aren’t able to make it up within the same reporting cycle, we will have to report the missed payment to the credit bureaus.

Yes! You don’t need to be in a consumer proposal to apply for the Climb Accelerator Plan. You can still take full advantage of its benefits, like build your credit and save for the future.

No, Climb offers short term secured savings loans and is not a credit repair service. The Climb Accelerator Plan may help improve a customer’s credit score by building a credit history, provided the customer’s payments are made in full and on time. While having a loan and honouring its obligations can help build credit, failure to meet repayment obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureaus, which would reduce the customer’s credit score.

Join Thousands of Canadians
on the Path to Better Credit

Get started today by speaking with our credit experts.

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