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Need to rebuild credit? Climb can help

Take control of your credit score

Free credit consultation

Review your TransUnion credit report to find out what’s holding you back

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Learn how to clean up your credit and start growing your credit scores

Free assessment

Get matched with products to build a positive credit history

Credit rebuilding after consumer proposal

We offer custom credit rebuilding programs for people who have filed for consumer proposal in addition to our standard programs

What is a consumer proposal?

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Advice Today

Climb offers free credit consultations for people who are struggling to improve their credit.

As part of our free credit consultation, one of our trusted experts will check the lender’s view of your TransUnion credit report, review the factors that are affecting your credit score, and talk to you about your options to build a better credit history.

Find out what’s on the lender’s view of your credit report (it’s different than what’s on the free web sites)

Understand the negative factors that are holding your credit score back

Get a personalized recommendation for how to build your credit based on your goals and budget

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need a credit

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What is a consumer proposal?

Climb offers credit education and recommendations to trustworthy credit rebuilding products.

Our credit education program is offered as a free newsletter series. If you’re already familiar with the basics of how to build a positive credit history, we can help you find affordable, trusted products to rebuild your credit score after a setback through our credit consultation process.

No two credit reports are the same, and no two credit rebuilding plans are the same, either.

I Want To

We may

 HomeTrust Visa​

Why we like it

One of the most affordable secured cards, recently updated their application process to be all digital, all the convenience of a Visa card

Details that

HomeTrust Secured Visa cards require a minimum $500 security are available with a $59 fee (or $5 monthly) and 14.90% interest on purchases or no annual fee and 19.99% interest on purchases​

We may

Refinancing with one of our trusted partners

Why we like it

We work with reputable lenders who have a unique scorecard for consumer proposal clients and others with poor credit.

Details that

Standard rate of 13.99% interest, requires income of $3,000 and verified employment of 6 months+.​

Knowledge is Power

Each week of our 10-week credit education series, you’ll learn about a different credit score factor & how to improve Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.