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New for Climb Clients: Changing Your Payment Date

UPDATE: Climb has extended the free “Change Your Payment Date” option through to May 31, 2020.

Everyone’s lives have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and many people’s finances have already been hit hard by the economic impact. We understand the impact will only grow, posing even more of a challenge as our clients work hard to stick to their budgets.

That’s why we’re announcing a new option to Change Your Payment Date. From now until April 30 May 31, 2020, clients can contact us to reschedule their payment date to later in the payment cycle for free. Just make sure you get in touch at least two business days before your payment is due.

As long as you contact us at least two business days before your next payment, we’re happy to help however we can – our goal is to help you along your way, not hold you back with expensive NSF charges. You can learn more about to change your payment date in our Featured FAQs here.

Need more support during the coronavirus crisis?

Did you know that the Canadian Government has waived the one week waiting period and medical certificate requirement for EI sickness benefits if you’ve been quarantined due to COVID-19? This applies to self-employed Canadians, too. Learn more here.

Debt relief is available. The federal government has paused repayment of Canada Student Loan and Canada Apprentice Loans until at least September 2020 with no accrual of interest. The big six banks have all announced that mortgage deferrals are available – you just need to call your bank to get the ball rolling.

Other creditors are also willing to pause payments or restructure payment plans; the big telecom companies and several major utility companies have announced that they’ll make accommodations for people affected by COVID19. If you have a bill you know is going to be tough to afford in the coming months now is the time to call them, before you miss a payment or are hit with an NSF charge.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as our lives are turned upside down. Do your best to stay focused on your goals and stay on top of immediate bills as best you can – even when that means reaching out to a creditor to ask about alternative options.

And most of all, remember there’s nothing more important than your health & safety. We’ve heard from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcies that all Trustee sessions can be conducted via video conference. At Climb, we’re able to maintain our usual business hours and our team is fully operational in their home offices. This aligns with guidance from the Government of Canada and provincial public health agencies to minimize contact with others and maintain social distancing (minimum of 2 metres apart) when you’re outside your home.

These are trying times but working together, we will get past this. Isolation and social distancing is hard but it doesn’t mean you’re alone. Reach out to friends, family and loved ones through text messaging or a phone call – when we support each other it’s easier to stay strong.

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