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For Debt Professionals

Partnering with Climb

Do you work with clients who need credit building support? We can help them get back on track

We can support your clients through education, one on one credit consultations and personalized product recommendations where appropriate. Contact us to learn more about our referral program.

*Note: we cannot pay any referral compensation to Licensed Insolvency Trustees under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

How does Climb help clients?

Free credit education specific to consumer proposal or bankruptcy clients

Free credit report review service with one of our expert consultants

Integrated product recommendations based on the client’s needs and budget

Learn from Credit Experts how credit is affected by consumer proposal in our new white paper

Learn about our affiliate program

Click here to request more information about joining our affiliate program for eligible referral partners. We’re happy to support referrals from a variety of partners however we cannot pay Licensed Insolvency Trustees any referral commission per the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Request a training webinar for your team

We support our partners by sharing our insights about how credit is affected by consumer proposal and how clients can rebuild with time, patience and the right toolset. Click here to enquire about our corporate training programs.