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The Best Way to Sell Your Things

With the growing popularity of minimalism and the KonMari method, spring cleaning has never been more in fashion. It’s invigorating to clear out the stuff you don’t need and make space for the stuff you actually care about.

So if you’re already getting rid of unused items, why not make a little money in the process? Here are some of the best ways to sell your things, from mint condition collector’s items to the junk you have laying around in your garage.


Still one of the most popular sites for online sellers, eBay is great if you have a lot of small, valuable items to sell such as electronics or video games. These will have low shipping fees and be easy to pack up.

You can sell items through the traditional auction format or through eBay’s “Buy It Now” feature. The latter lets you create a minimum price, but potential buyers can still haggle with you.

eBay takes a small portion of all proceeds, usually around 10%. Make sure to factor this in when deciding how to price an item.


Sites like Kijiji are perfect for selling furniture, musical equipment and other heavy items that are too large to ship. Look for similar posts on Kijiji to decide how to price something. Posting on Kijiji is free for a certain number of ads

Yard Sale

Yard sales are perfect for selling things that aren’t valuable, like books, craft supplies or knick knacks. You won’t be able to make much on individual items, but it’s a great opportunity to clear out unused junk and make a few bucks in the process.

Advertise your yard sale ahead of time, particularly with signs pointing to your house. Post about it in your local online communities and be clear on what you’re selling, whether it’s baby clothes or home furnishings.

Pick a warm day, set up shop early and display your items so customers can pick through them easily. Keep your prices low and be prepared for customers to bargain.

Specialty Sites

If you’re getting rid of collectibles or unique items, you might be better off selling them on a specialty site aimed at specific buyers. These sites will have serious collectors and connoisseurs who will appreciate what you’re selling.

For example, if you have a large collection of Wedgwood plates, find a site for people interested in fine china. You can also contact local antique or vintage retailers to see if they’d be willing to buy or consign your items.

General Tips

Make sure to take lots of photos before posting an item. If you sell online, buyers can leave negative reviews if you don’t describe a product accurately or forget to note any damages. They can also request a refund, which usually means you’ll have to pay for them to ship the item back to you.

If you’re taking care of shipping costs yourself, find an accurate estimate before listing your item for sale. If you undercharge for shipping, you could end up wiping out your entire profit margin. Sites like eBay can calculate shipping costs automatically based on the dimensions of the box and weight of the object.

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About the Author

Zina Kumok is a trained journalist and has covered everything from professional sports to murder trials. Now, she specializes in personal finance and has written for brands and publications such as Mint, Investopedia and Discover. She paid off $28,000 worth of student loans in three years.

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