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Life After Consumer Proposal: 6 Things To Do When It’s Done

You’ve finished (or almost finished) your consumer proposal. Congratulations – that’s a huge accomplishment, which you’ve been working towards for years! Now that you’re done, you may be wondering: What
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Why You Might Want to Buy a Home During Winter

Winter is the coolest time of year, so house hunting is probably the last thing on your mind. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather be sitting in front of
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Can I Pay Off My Consumer Proposal Early?

When you’re entering a consumer proposal, you’re typically looking at a 60-month term to pay it down. Five years is a long time in anybody’s life, and having an active
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How Do You Protect Yourself in a Data Breach?

You’d like to think you’ll never be involved in a data breach, but the sad reality is that data breaches are happening all the time these days. A quick search
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What is a Credit Builder Account?

What is a Credit Builder Account? With bad or little to no credit history getting a loan may seem impossible. A Credit Builder Account is designed to help you boost
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Is Perfect Credit Necessary?

Guest written by our friends at LoansCanada. Is Perfect Credit Necessary? Getting by without credit is rare for most people these days, especially in Canada, where credit cards and loans
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The Good Side to Loan Denial

Being turned down for a loan can be emotionally and financially straining. While it is not easy to always look at the positive side, being turned down for loans can
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